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How can I use the Live Classroom report?

In the Live Classroom report, you can track class activity as it happens and receive instant updates about what students are working on and who may need help.

When your students are active on IXL, they’ll each appear on a tile in Live Classroom. If you are working with a specific class, use the Class filter at the top to show just those students. 

Within each student’s tile, you can see which skill the student is working on, or whether they’re answering questions in the Diagnostic. 

For students practicing a skill, you can see their SmartScore in the bottom right corner of the tile. A star will appear next to the skill name if the student is working on a skill you have assigned using the Suggested Skills feature.

Grey tiles indicate students who haven’t answered a question in a while, so it might be worth checking to see if they are stuck or aren’t focused on their work. Red tiles alert you to students who have answered several recent questions incorrectly and might need extra guidance. 


If you want to see where students might need additional help, click on the red and green bars at the bottom of their tiles. These bars represent the five most recent questions a student has answered; red for incorrect responses and green for correct responses. Once you click on the bars, you’ll see a log of the recent questions the student has encountered in the skill, as well as their answers. 

In addition, you can hover over the blue bar to see your student’s current question.

You can also communicate with your students in real time by clicking on the airplane on a student’s tile. Send a message to congratulate students for doing a good job, or to provide them with some guidance. To learn more about sending messages, please read How can I message my students?